• What are the easier places to learn Chinese than other languages?
    Post time: Aug-07-2020

    Many people say that learning Chinese is difficult. In fact, it is not. In addition to the fact that Chinese characters really require memorization exercises, Chinese also has its simplicity compared to other languages. Chinese Pinyin is concise and clear, written in Latin letters, and the number...Read more »

  • Foreigners who speak Chinese well do this!
    Post time: Aug-07-2020

    Recently, a student with a complete zero foundation, after learning three classes, told me that she would change to a teacher who specializes in oral English because she didn’t want to learn Chinese grammar or HSK-related things, but only wanted to learn some daily life language, such as how Buyi...Read more »

  • What Is An International Chinese Teacher?
    Post time: Aug-07-2020

    International Chinese teachers are teachers who teach Chinese in accordance with international standards, and the teaching targets are people from countries or nationalities whose mother tongue is other languages. The hosting of the Olympic Games and the World Expo has given the world more opport...Read more »